What is WinPocket?

It's a response to my own need of reading my Pocket account items when offline... in Windows, also used as a proof of concept of various technologies and tools (Visual Studio 2012, TFS, REST, NuGet...)

How does it work?

WinPocket connects to the Get Pocket service, and get the unreaded items you have in your account.
Then it compares the items with the ones that are stored in the local folder you provided when launched the command line tool.
Identifies the items you have readed and the new items you have in your account and sync the info for you to have the webpages locally saved and your account items updated.

How do I use WinPocket?

First, download de tool (3 files: 1 exe and 2 DLL) in a folder of your computer.
Second, you need to be logged at your Pocket account.
Third, create a folder wherever you want in your computer. This will be the folder where the webpages will be downloaded.

Now you can open a command line or use a BAT file to launch the tool with one parameter: the folder you want to be used for the contents. For example: C:\>C:\WinPocket\Winpocket.exe c:\LocalFolder

The first time a web page will be opened for you to authorize the app to use your account. This will create a auth.conf file that stores the shared key the program needs to access your account.

If everything goes right, the program will start to give you info about the actions in course, download the items and finalize. If anything goes wrong, I hope the info provided by the tool will be enough to find a solution. Anyway, you can delete the auth.conf file at anytime without issues, and the program will try to recreate a new one with your credentials.

Why doesn't WinPocket support the X feature?

It's just a tool for reading offline, based on my needs. If you want some other feature, feel free to copy the code and modify to your needs. Or if you wan't to make some comment may be I'll be interested on implementing it.

There will be a future release soon?

May be, or may be not. I've been thinking in some alternative uses for my GetPocket account that could be integrated in WinPocket, but the work, the family and other interests keep me enough busy day by day to think about it seriously.

There is an error X that...

Please, make use of the Issue Tracker tool here in Codeplex, I'll keep an eye.

Man, your code stinks...

Again, feel free to use the tools here in Codeplex to explain why and I'll be happy to improve the code at any time, if I see the advantages of your advices. But if you don't have a particular advice to give, please read this Scott Hanselman post.

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